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Father Koroliuk works closely with Father Hiletsky, Viktor Proskuriakov and Christian Ukraine on issues related to substance abuse. “We need to stop arguing among ourselves since we have one mutual goal — to heal the nation.”

Father Koroliuk blames overwork as one of the underlying causes of alcoholism. According to the priest, after a hard day, many workers have little else other than vodka to help them unwind. “We need to offer them something instead: religious movies, books, volunteer work.”

A man of his word, Father Koroliuk once offered a seemingly hopeless villager the position of sexton at the church. Entrusted with these responsibilities, he has since attained sobriety.

In this regional but ecumenical effort to defeat alcoholism, Viktor Proskuriakov, however, stands out as the leader.“We do everything we can,” he says, adding humbly, “with God’s help.”

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First-time contributors Mariya Tytarenko and Yuriy Dyachyshyn are based in Lviv.

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