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During our visit, we were also privileged to visit seminaries CNEWA supports. One in Lviv is a large and thriving facility that has recently expanded to accommodate the surge in vocations. Another is only three years old, presently situated in a rural hamlet outside of Kiev in a large country house. But the Holy Spirit is working overtime at this seminary, as more young men answer the call to priesthood — so many, in fact, that this humble facility needs to be enlarged. Many of these candidates for the priesthood have already received advanced degrees and are now answering a call from God to serve as priests in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

We also enjoyed some lovely visits with people with special needs, those challenged physically and intellectually. The church in Ukraine is offering noble service to those people and to their families. It is also giving witness of the dignity of every human being. And CNEWA proudly walks with the church in this important ministry.

There are other exciting dimensions of ministry that, for a young church, are progressing quite well, such as prison ministry, university and military chaplaincy, evangelization programs, ecumenical outreach and social service and health care programs. CNEWA offers its support in all of these areas, even if to a modest degree.

The beautiful, towering domes adorning the newly consecrated cathedral in Kiev are a visible reminder to all that the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is alive and well, thanks to the grace of God.

Our CNEWA family gives thanks to God that we are witnesses to this great resurrection. We join our Ukrainian brothers and sisters who have come above ground to share their heroic testimonies of faith with us. They do not want our sympathy; they invite us simply to celebrate our faith with them.

God bless Ukraine and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church!

God bless the children and God bless you!

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