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Beka stumbled on enamel work three years ago when a friend brought him to check out the workshop. He has never looked back. The 19-year-old is already selling his enamel jewelry to tourists — mostly Ukrainians, he says — and he is even considering making it into a career. As he works in the studio, he ignores phone calls and other distractions to concentrate on his project: a dainty pair of earrings in cobalt blue.

The final result will be more than just jewelry. He is crafting his own future.

“I like the process,” he says with a bit of a smile, “putting into realization what you imagined you wanted to create.”

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The writing of Tbilisi-based photojournalist Molly Corso has appeared in She is a regular contributor to ONE. She last wrote about the “new orphans” of Georgia in the summer 2014 edition of ONE.

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