CNEWA Connection

Alcoholism has been one of the most serious problems in Kerala for generations. For a long time, the Indian state has ranked among the highest in per capita consumption of alcohol in the country.

A few years ago, the government stepped in, enforcing a strict policy to refuse liquor licenses. This initiative has since been loosened, and its effects have not been well studied. Still, efforts to break the cycle of addiction continue.

The church has been at the forefront of efforts to help those battling this disease. Pastors often refer people to support groups or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

CNEWA, meanwhile, has long been involved in supporting schools and homes that help the children coping with the damage and dysfunction of their parents’ addictions. CNEWA supports 56 child care institutions in Kerala and more than 100 outside Kerala that help to give these children a sense of stability, security and hope.

To assist those working to break the cycle of addiction and abuse in India, call: 1-800-442-6392 (United States) or 1-866-322-4441 (Canada).

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