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The church offers a powerful antidote to the poison inherent in cultures that reject the dignity of all, especially those who have special challenges or those who bear social stigmas because of class, religion or ethnicity. Many of the good works supported by CNEWA reach out to all and proudly proclaim that God loves all his children. There is no “pecking order” with our God — we are all embraced by his love. We do not exclude and only offer help to “our own” — Jesus makes it clear that we love all.

In many circumstances the love and caring extended by the church and supported by CNEWA is a unique experience for those who know nothing but hatred, exclusion or injustice. Whether it be a mixed group of Muslims and Christian children on a playground enjoying a game of soccer, or Hindu and Catholic children entertaining me on a visit with song and dance or a mixed group of elderly folks gathered together to share a meal provided by the church or those in need of healing, finding physical and emotional support at health clinic supported by CNEWA — in all of these and so many other instances the church, and CNEWA alongside her, reaches out to the poor, the suffering and the persecuted.

The needs seem always to grow and they never really go away. But the Holy Spirit inspires us to continue our journey of accompaniment. Remember the smiles of the children and their desperate mothers, the joy of the elderly who no longer are without a family, those “outcasts” with a new sense of dignity. All of our CNEWA family ask me to thank you for your support — and, better yet, they promise to remember you in their prayers. God bless you.

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