Winter 1975


A Second Flight Into Egypt
Today, refugees in the Middle East are experiencing the same exile suffered by the Holy Family 2,000 years ago.
by Vincent S. Kearney, S.J.

Friends of the Poor in Jordan
In Amman, the Franciscan Sisters of the Divine Motherhood reach out to mothers and children in need.
by Pat Hamzeh; photos: courtesy of Pat Hamzeh

Iran: Ancient and Modern in the Land of the Wise Men
One of the most ancient nations in the world, Iran is a mélange of peoples and faiths.
by J.T. Weber; photos: courtesy of Iran Government Tourist Agency

A Son of Bethlehem
Bethlehem University offers new hope to the young in the Holy Land.
text and photos by Desmond Sullivan

A Coptic Christmas
Members of one of the most ancient rites of the Church, the Copts of Egypt are descendants of the earliest inhabitants of the Nile Valley.
by Sr. Theresa Mary

Saints of the East: St. Ephrem the Syrian
This knowledgeable theologian and doctor who inspired Dante also avoided consecration.