The CNEWA Connection

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Security in the Nineveh Plain remains dicey: While ISIS no longer occupies Mosul, Qaraqosh or any of the other towns and villages of northern Iraq, members of the terrorist group — and their extremist sympathizers — remain hiding in plain sight. Competing militias, representing conflicting interests and parties, jealously control their territorial gains, hindering the movement of people and trade. Such insecurity thwarts not only the return of displaced families to their homes — dampening dreams of life revived — but also impacts the flow of aid to assist in reconstruction efforts.

CNEWA’s assistance to the peoples of northern Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan remains constant, however. This is largely due to its targeted nature, sound planning and the discretion of our partners as they accompany their people. These efforts include: health care to displaced families, care for the elderly and those with special needs, school fees for students, nursing formula and milk for infants and their mothers, support of catechetical and formation programs for children and young adults, and various agricultural projects for families living in more stable areas.

To learn how you can help, call: 1-800-442-6392 (United States) or 1-866-322-4441 (Canada).

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