The CNEWA Connection

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CNEWA takes to heart the biblical admonition to “welcome the stranger,” and so we have worked closely with our partners in the field to offer spiritual, pastoral and humanitarian support to those who find themselves far from home — including migrants seeking jobs to support their families and pave the way for a better future.

In Lebanon, many of those migrants come from Africa, especially Ethiopia and Sudan, and the Philippines. The purpose of the Afro-Asian Migrant Center in Beirut has been to give members of this marginalized community a place to gather, to pray, to learn about the faith and to enjoy a sense of family — particularly for those who are far from their own families.

Thanks to our donors, CNEWA has helped fund the rehabilitation of the building that houses the center, enabling some 600 members of this community to socialize, take courses in catechism and prepare to receive their sacraments. In addition, the site serves as a community center, enabling members of the community to celebrate birthdays, christenings and weddings. The goal is to keep the migrant workers close to their families and their Catholic faith, enriching their time in Lebanon.

To help support this vital mission, call: 1-800-442-6392 (United States) or 1-866-322-4441 (Canada).

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