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Promoting Social Development

image (photo: Sean Sprague) 

CNEWA works with grassroots organizations to empower people with the resources and the know-how to better their communities.

In the Syro-Malabar Catholic Eparchy of Idukki, India, agricultural laborers live in small huts made of mud, sheets and tiles, while others live in rented rooms, using most of their earnings to pay rent. Last year, your donations helped fund the construction of houses for the most needy. The beneficiary families each contributed $125, in cash or labor, toward the construction of a house, and the eparchy matched their contribution.

In Deir el Ahmar, a remote Maronite village in the Bekaa valley of Lebanon, farmers find it difficult to raise crops without a reliable irrigation network. The Cooperative of Ain el Naanaa, located in the mountains of the region, asked CNEWA’s help to purchase and install 3,100 meters of pipe that now provide spring, lake and well water to a newly reclaimed agricultural area of 310,000 square meters.

From revitalizing villages in Lebanon, to providing youth activities for Palestinian children, your generosity enabled dozens of communities like these to better the lives of their members.