Spring 1985


Romanian Easter
Romanian Catholics in the United States cherish the heritage of their mother country while celebrating their faith in a new homeland.
by Rev. George C. Muresan

Spinning Magic With Silk: Palestinian Embroidery
Often passed from mother to daughter, the art of embroidery remains a mainstay of the tapestry that is Palestinian culture.
by Caroline Stone

A Special Apostolate in Sion
The Sisters of Our Lady of Sion are Christians with Jewish roots in the Holy Land.
by Norman A. Rubin

“I Have Given You an Example”
The washing of feet has evolved from a menial task to a symbolic, holy gesture.
by Rev. Thomas W. Goodhue

Philippi: Birthplace of Christianity in the West
An ancient city in Greece is an important piece in the mosaic that was early Christianity.
by Brother Christian Leisy