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Donating Your 401(k) is Generous and Smart

Retirement assets are great to live with, but bad to die with. Ensure that you leave your I.R.A., 401(k) or other pension plan to your heirs. Did you know that more than 50 percent of the value could be lost to estate taxes?

That’s why making an estate gift of your retirement assets to CNEWA is such a smart idea!

You can take care of your loved ones, avoid estate taxes and help the Holy Father minister to the poor with a three-part plan:

  1. Leave marketable securities to your heirs, as well as real property and other assets that receive a step-up basis.
  2. Arrange for the effective use of life insurance proceeds for your heirs.
  3. Leave your retirement assets to CNEWA.

As an added benefit, your heirs will enjoy an estate tax charitable deduction with this plan.

If this smart idea appeals to you, the first step is to consult your tax and investment advisors. Development Associate Christopher Kennedy is also happy to answer your questions. You can contact him at 1-877-284-3806 ext. 504 or