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The Italo-Albanian Catholic Church

A second inter-eparchial synod took place in three sessions in 2004 and 2005. It approved ten documents dealing with the synod’s theological and pastoral context, the use of Scripture, catechesis, liturgy, formation of clergy, canon law, ecumenical and interreligious relations, relations with other Eastern Catholic Churches, re-evangelization and mission. These texts were then submitted to the Holy See which, by mid-2007, was still in dialogue with the three jurisdictions regarding their promulgation.

The Italo-Albanians have no parishes in the English-speaking world, but the identity of the small immigrant communities is promoted by groups such as the Italo-Albanian Byzantine Rite Society of Our Lady of Grace based in Staten Island, New York.

Location: Italy
Membership: 64,000

Last Modified: 16 Jul 2007

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