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Each month children at fifteen feeding centers within the Eparchy of Keren are weighed by village women and their general health is closely monitored.   (photo: Chris Hellier) 

In an uneasy relationship with its large southern neighbor, Eritrea has much of its population still in military service and faces endemic poverty and food shortages; women and children bear the brunt of the suffering. CNEWA’s needy child program helps 721 children in 15 child care programs run by religious sisters. We also fund centers operated by the Daughters of Charity, Sisters of St. Anne and Filippini Sisters that provide emergency formula and medicines to underweight babies in Asmara, Assab and Tukul.

Developing Christian lay leaders is vital to the future of Eritrea’s churches. CNEWA-supported catechetical programs ensure rigorous formation of young men and women. Of course our ongoing subsidies to seminaries continue to prepare future priests. You share in this work by supporting 148 seminarians in their studies as well as 43 young women in various novitiates.

CNEWA works with Eritrea’s Orthodox Church, this year assisting in the construction of a minor seminary in Keren, renovating a church in Addi Caieh and expanding a church in Hagaz.

Whether building a road to enable villagers to walk to market, constructing underground water storage facilities in Boggu, Engela and Shinnara or extending small loans to women to start their own businesses, CNEWA is there.