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Look Homeward
by Dorothy Humanitzki

He learned about CNEWA from friends some 10 years ago and does not hesitate to tell others about the mission of the papal agency, founded by Pope Pius XI in 1926. He particularly likes being kept informed about his donations. “I like these project reports. I like to know where my money is going.”

Aside from his financial aid to the school, Mr. Alwan is also a supporter of CNEWA’s needy child program, specifying that the children come from Lebanon. He cannot recall how many children he has helped over the years. ”The young people are the hope of the country,” he said. “They are the ones who can rebuild Lebanon in a Christian image.”

Mr. Alwan looks forward to the letters the children send and files them with their pictures and background information he receives from CNEWA. He readily quoted from a note a young boy sent: “Thank you for your good care of us.”

The donor from Peoria is a hands-on supporter. He makes frequent trips to his homeland and a stop at the Rif is always on his agenda. First he checks with the teachers to find out how the children are doing and then he asks the administrators for their wish list. He makes sure they all get what they want.

Though Mr. Alwan provides for the school, he does not forget the children themselves. “I always make a point of giving them a few dollars for themselves,” he said. “What they don’t know,” he added, “is that the biggest gift I am giving them is their education. My fervent prayer is that they don’t forget Lebanon.”

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