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(from ONE magazine March 2005)

Getting Ahead in India
Posted: 01 Apr 2005

Syro-Malankara Major Archbishop Cyril Mar Baselios dedicates a new church near Trivandrum.  (photo: Sean Sprague) 

Pope John Paul II has raised India’s Syro-Malankara Catholic Church to the rank of a major archiepiscopal church, naming Cyril Mar Baselios, Archbishop of Trivandrum, as the church’s first major archbishop.

A major archbishop has authority similar to that of a patriarch. Key decisions, including the election of bishops in his territory, are made by its synod of bishops. A notable difference is that the election of a major archbishop must be confirmed by the pope while a newly elected patriarch requests communion with the pope.

Cyril Mar Baselios, who celebrated his 25th anniversary as bishop last year, leads a church of some 405,000 members in five eparchies (dioceses) served by 632 priests in India, with 15 missions in North America.

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