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The Hungarian Catholic Church

The diocese of Hajdúdorog originally covered only eastern Hungary and the city of Budapest. In 1980 its jurisdiction was extended to all Greek Catholics in Hungary. There is now a theological institute in Nyíregyháza that has been affiliated with the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome since 1995.

There are now 175 Greek Catholic parishes in Hungary, served by 265 priests and 11 women religious. The rather small number of Greek Catholic Hungarians who immigrated to North America have a few parishes, all of them part of the Ruthenian dioceses in the USA and the Ukrainian dioceses in Canada.

On November 10, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI accepted the resignation of75-year-old Bishop Szilárd Keresztes who had served as Bishop ofHajdúdorog and Apostolic Administrator of Miskolc since 1988..

Location: Hungary
Head: Bishop Fulop Kocsis (born 1963, appointed 2008)
Title: Bishop of Hajdúdorog, Apostolic Administrator of Miskolc
Residence: Nyiregyháza, Hungary
Membership: 290,000

Last Modified: 24 Jun 2008

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