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(from ONE magazine September 2006)

Displaced Families Aided
Posted: 25 Sep 2006

CNEWA staffer, Kamal Abdelnour organizes aid packages for displaced families in Lebanon.  (photo: Norbert Schiller) 

In little more than a month, generous benefactors throughout North America and Europe have given CNEWA more than US$625,000 to assist the agency’s emergency relief and development efforts in Lebanon.

The shelling of Lebanon temporarily displaced nearly a million people, or a quarter of the nation’s total population of 3.9 million. Most families sought shelter in Christian neighborhoods north of Beirut, which were considered safe.

CNEWA’s Pontifical Mission staff in Beirut distributed emergency supplies to more than 2,350 needy families – about 12,000 people – seeking shelter in three areas near Beirut, Jbeil, Kesserwan and Metn.

Our staff coordinated its efforts with displacement centers set up to handle the influx of refugees, most of whom fled with little food and almost no cash. Aid consisted of a week’s supply of canned food, oil, diapers, detergents, hygienic supplies and toilet paper.

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