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(from ONE magazine November 2006)

Bzommar Renewed
Posted: 28 Nov 2006

The Divine Liturgy is celebrated at the Patriarchal Seminary Chapel in Bzommar, Lebanon.  (photo: Armineh Johannes) 

Armenian Catholic Patriarch Nerses Bedros XIX led celebrations marking the renovation of the Patriarchal Seminary in Bzommar, northeast of Beirut, on 20 October.

Funded in part by CNEWA, the renovations were necessary to update the facility, which has housed Armenian Catholic seminarians, monks and priests of the patriarchal congregation of Bzommar since its establishment in the 18th century.

The seminary also houses an extensive collection of lavishly illustrated manuscripts, many of which were created in the Armenian states of Asia Minor during the Middle Ages.

The patriarchs of the Maronite, Melkite Greek and Syriac Catholic churches participated in the inaugural festivities.

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