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(from ONE magazine January 2007)

Postwar Work in Lebanon
Posted: 08 Jan 2007

Kamal Abdelnour, center, of CNEWA’s Beirut staff, discusses reconstruction of a war-damaged dam in southern Lebanon with a village leader.  (photo: Michael La Civita) 

Listening to church and community leaders, sorting out priorities, offering assistance and encouragement and seeing firsthand agency postwar relief efforts were the purposes of a CNEWA delegation that visited Lebanon 18-26 November.

The team — which included senior staff members Chorbishop John Faris, Carl Hétu and Michael La Civita — joined CNEWA’s Beirut staff on visits to southern Lebanon, including the villages of Deir Mimas, Klayaa, Marjeyoun and Yaroun, whose populations suffered heavily during the fighting this past summer between Israel and Hezbollah.

In addition to meeting regional bishops and community leaders, with whom CNEWA is coordinating its work, the team met with Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah, Armenian Apostolic Catholicos Aram I, Armenian Catholic Patriarch Nerses Bedros XIX and Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Elias Audi.

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