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Gifts From Your Will or Trust

Do you have a will? If you answer yes, good for you! Six in 10 Americans do not. You never know when God will call you home, but when it happens, your loved ones will be protected.

When you make out your will, please consider your charitable legacy, too. Leaving a bequest to CNEWA in your will or trust is an excellent way to guarantee that your love for Christ’s poor will live on after you.

Charitable bequests come in several different types:

  • General — “I leave $5,000 to CNEWA”
  • Specific — “500 shares of XYZ Corp.”
  • Percentage — “5 percent of my estate”
  • Residuary — “the remainder of my estate”

Everyone should have a will. Your family is counting on you, and Christ and his poor are counting on you, too.

Christopher Kennedy, development associate, is ready to answer your questions about leaving a charitable bequest to CNEWA in your will. Feel free to contact Chris at 1-877-284-3806 ext. 504 or email him at