May – June 1996


Our World
Stories and events from around the world of CNEWA.

One With the Urban Struggle
Two of Bombay’s impoverished suburbs benefit from the dedicated and driven Daughters of the Heart of Mary.
text by Dr. Gracy Fernandes, D.H.M.; photographs by Ilene Perlman

The Catholics of Ethiopia and Eritrea
A history of the Catholic Church in Ethiopia and Eritrea and their present-day programs and activities.
text by CNEWA-Addis Ababa staff

Greek Orthodoxy in the U.S.: A Family Affair
A history of the Greek Orthodox Church in the United States.
by Michael J.L. La Civita

Calling All Sponsors
An update on CNEWA’s Needy Child Sponsorship Program in Beirut: There is still more work to do.
text and photographs by Marilyn Raschka

Celebrating Mary in Jerusalem
Catholics in Jerusalem celebrate their love for the Blessed Virgin during the Feast of the Visitation.
text and photographs by George Martin

Lamech’s Policy
A reflection on the vengeful policy of the Old Testament figure Lamech, and a comparison of the “radical solution” of Jesus that precludes revenge.
by Msgr. Robert L. Stern