Help Egypt’s Christians

(photo: Amr Abd allah Dalsh, Reuters/CNS)

How are Christians coping with the revolution in Egypt? Ask Issam Bishara, the head of our office for Egypt. He makes personal and poignant the news filling our TV screens:

Eight million Christians live in Egypt. Relations with the Muslim majority are tense and uncertain. Freedom of worship is limited. Often, Christians cannot repair churches or build new ones. Extremist violence is on the rise. Christians fear their country will become like Iraq.

The situation in Egypt is changing by the minute. Who knows what will happen by the time you read this.

No matter what, this much is certain: Christians are caught in the middle. Now more than ever, the needy children in our orphanages, the novices in our houses of formation and the seminarians in our seminaries need your prayers and generous support.

Reach out to your Christian brothers and sisters in Egypt — rush your help today!

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