A Lenten Giving Plan

(photo: CNS)

Have you figured out what you’re doing for Lent?

In case you don’t have a plan yet, here’s a good Lenten plan:

•  Give up
Since we were kids, we’ve known that Lent is a time for sacrifices. Now that you’re older, what are you willing to sacrifice today?

•  Give away
Remember the Lord’s invitation to the rich young man? He turned away sad, because he couldn’t let go of his possessions. Can you?

•  Give to
Don’t just give up something for the sake of it. Give it up for the Lord’s sake — for one of his neediest brothers and sisters.

•  Give in
Listen with your heart to the promptings of the Spirit. Yield to the grace of God. Let a burst of love break the bounds of your soul.

Don’t wait. Start your Lenten giving plan today — with a loving sacrifice of $40 for the good work of CNEWA.

May this holy season transform your life and spirit! May Easter find you filled with joy!

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