Scholarships for Special Children

(photo: Sr. Christian Molidor, R.S.M.)

We promised scholarships to 100 children like Noura Rahal...

Noura is a little girl with cerebral palsy. Regular schools can’t accommodate a child like her. But at a Catholic school for disabled children, Noura can realize the promise inside herself — a dignified way of life.

We hate breaking promises ... ours or Noura’s. Can you please help give scholarships to 100 children with special needs?

34 of the children will go to the SESOBEL School in Lebanon, and 66 will go to the Chavara Special School in India. 100 scholarships cost $40,000 ... that’s how much we need right now!

Your scholarship gift, combined with the gifts of other caring individuals like you, will empower 100 disabled children to reach their full potential, intellectually, physically and spiritually.

Specially trained teachers will build their confidence and self-reliance. Doctors and therapists will protect their health and strength. Local religious sisters and parish priests will minister to their spiritual needs.

Noura and the other children are counting on us ... and we’re counting on you. Please rush your scholarship gift of $200, $60, $150 or $25 today!

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