Educate Deaf Children

(photo: Steve Sabella)

We love sharing stories with you — true tales of how your love and charity are changing our world for the better. Can you help us write another happy ending? It’s a story of commitment and compassion that seems to have all the right ingredients. But something is missing.

Take a look at what this story has so far ...



The little town of Bethlehem, and an unusual little school named the Paul VI Ephpheta Institute.


106 deaf children. Most of these kids were born deaf. Since they can’t hear, they never learned to speak. They’re cut off ... misunderstood ... alone.

The Sisters of Saint Dorothy. They wish to teach these little ones to read lips and to speak.


The school year starts in September — and the children this year need $104,200 of support.


The one thing missing from our story is the hero. Or “hear-o”! We — and the children — need you.

“Ephpheta” is the word Jesus spoke to make the deaf man hear. It means “Be opened.” The good sisters are opening their hearts to these kids, and their labor of love is opening ears and changing lives.

Please open your heart and make it all possible. Send your gift today and you’ll be a “hear-o” to 106 deaf children — the star of Ephpheta’s story!

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