Protect Religious Sisters

(photo: Sean Sprague)

It’s midnight. Sister Reshmi is wide awake. She can’t sleep. She’s worried about a stranger in her village. She saw him beating his wife. With all her courage, Sister Reshmi stopped him. But, she could tell by the look in his eyes, it wasn’t over. Sister Reshmi is scared for the man’s wife … and herself.

The convent where Sister Reshmi lives is unprotected. Decades ago, a high brick wall surrounded the Holy Family Novice House in Kanjoor, India, and shielded the sisters from intruders. But over the years it fell down, and now there’s no wall — and no protection.

35 sisters and novices live in the convent, and building a new wall for their safety is imperative — now.

Please help protect these endangered sisters with your sacrifice of $20, $50, $75 or more today.

The sisters are a blessing on Kanjoor, and the people love them. But sometimes people in pain lash out in anger — even at these selfless women, who are only there to serve. Building a new wall costs $37,000, and the sisters need this wall for protection. Their safety is in our hands.

Please rush your sacrifice for the sisters today, so the community can start building the wall immediately.

The sisters will raise grateful prayers to God for you — and you can be sure God will listen!

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