Help Your Brothers and Sisters in Christ

(photo: John E. Kozar)

What is the world coming to when day after day we wake up to headlines like these:

    • Church Bombed

    • Priest Murdered

    • Nuns Threatened

    • Christians Flee

These events are shocking because Christians in the Middle East have long lived with their neighbors in peace. But today, violence and discrimination are causing hardship and suffering for the millions of Christians who call the Middle East home, creating for them one of their darkest periods in history.

What can you do to help overcome this — to help make a difference in the Middle East?

You can join in the good works of CNEWA, the Holy Father’s special agency to aid the churches and peoples of the East.

When you send a sacrificial gift to CNEWA today, you will help deliver food and medicine to innocent victims of war — to shelter refugees driven from their homes — to repair damaged churches — to train new parish priests and religious sisters — to answer the pleas of people serving the church in very poor and sometimes very hostile places.

In performing these works of mercy, you will do as Jesus taught — countering hatred with acts of love. And to those tempted to violence, you will bear witness to the power of the cross — to heal and reconcile a divided world.

Christians in the Middle East need your help — today! Your generosity will be used to strengthen the church and relieve suffering in Christ’s name.

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