A Meaningful Christmas Gift

(photo: Steve Sabella)

Christmas is a giving time. It’s when God, in His love, gave His only son to us so that we might have eternal life. It’s when you, in your love, give thanks to our Savior by sharing your blessings with the poor.

Right now in Bethlehem, the very place where Jesus was born, is a special school with 106 boys and girls. All of the children are deaf. Since they can’t hear, they never learned to talk. The Sisters of St. Dorothy teach these little ones how to read lips and to speak.

The school is the Paul VI Ephpheta Institute. “Ephpheta” is the word Jesus spoke to make the deaf man hear. It means “Be opened.” The good sisters are opening their hearts to the children, and their labor of love is opening ears to words — and the Word.

When you make a Christmas gift to the children of Ephpheta, you make this good work possible. The Sisters of St. Dorothy have no money of their own — the children depend entirely on good people like you. Please give your Christmas gift to the children of Ephpheta today.

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