Renew Your CNEWA Membership for 2015

(photo: Spencer Osberg)

For tens of thousands of suffering people who’ve lost everything due to war, persecution or poverty, 2014 was more terrifying than we can imagine. Thanks to your support, Catholic Near East Welfare Association has been giving children, their families, the elderly and disabled the help they need.

What did your generosity make possible during the past year? Here’s a sampling:

Emergency Relief

  • Parishes in Jordan are supplying Iraqi refugees with food, clothes, blankets, space heaters and other essentials.
  • The Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena are providing milk, diapers, clothes and shoes to displaced Iraqi children.
  • Catholic health clinics in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon are caring for thousands of Christians who’ve fled the violence.

Alleviating poverty

  • Catholic orphanages and vocational centers are helping the needy in countries ranging from Ethiopia to India.
  • Catholic schools are providing books and supplies to their poor students.
  • Facilities for the elderly are providing nutrition and healthcare — especially in Eastern Europe where family support for seniors has all but disappeared.

Building up the church

  • Local churches are offering spiritual counseling and catechism classes in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and India.
  • Seminaries and convents are training new priests and sisters to help the poor.

Because of you, hope is hard at work in the places where CNEWA works every day. But those who suffer still need our help. For them, a normal life still seems far away.

So when you renew your support to CNEWA, you won’t only help struggling people survive. Through your kindness, you’ll help rebuild their shattered lives.

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