Crisis Update: Syria’s Christians

(photo: CNS)

The Lord said: “Knock and the door will be opened to you.”

A short time ago, a woman knocked on the door of the Good Shepherd Convent in Damascus, Syria. She had a baby in her arms and despair in her eyes — the despair of a mother with nothing to feed her hungry child and no money to buy food.

Then, a smile of relief softened her face when the door opened, as the Lord promised it would, and Sister Marie-Claude gave her a bag full of baby formula from CNEWA.

But every day brings more desperate knocks on the sisters’ door. Sister Marie-Claude worries especially because winter is coming and it gets very cold in Syria, so cold it actually snows. Many families are dangerously unprepared.

So here’s our plan. We want to give 2,000 extremely vulnerable Christian families Winter Survival Kits, which include enough warm clothes and heating oil to protect against the winter cold. But we’ll need $210 to help each family before it’s too late.

And so we’re knocking on your door, to ask you for an emergency sacrifice for your Christian brothers and sisters in the troubled lands CNEWA serves. We pray you’ll open your door, as in the Bible story, and share what you have. God bless you!

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