Protect the Freedom of Christian Orphans

There’s a place where the government is changing the religious identity of Christian orphans — labeling them Muslim on their national I.D. cards.

I can’t tell you the name of the country. It’s a dangerous and unstable place, and I’m afraid of retaliation against the faithful of the local church. But I can tell you CNEWA works there.

And it gets worse. Once these orphans lose their Christian identity, it’s illegal for them to return to the Christian faith. They’re raised as Muslims and lost to the church forever. That’s the law in this place.

Will you stand up for the religious freedom of Christian orphans?

You can help place them in Christian hands. There’s an alternative to government orphanages — priests and sisters can care for them in Christian orphanages filled with love. But the church can’t do it alone.

Please don’t wait until the church loses another child!

Make a special donation today to CNEWA’s Needy Child Program, and you’ll help provide for the many children whom Pope Francis entrusts to our care. Plus, you’ll guarantee Christian orphans are free to be Christians when the government discriminates against our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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