Help Egypt’s Christians

(photo: Franciscan Sisters)

Take a look at the photo. This used to be a Catholic school run with love by a nun named Sister Manal. The school was in Bani Suef, Egypt.

Fanatics torched the school this summer and marched Sister Manal through the streets like a prisoner of war. Thank God, a brave Muslim woman rescued Sister before it was too late.

It’s a frightening time in Egypt. Extremists are burning down Christian churches, schools and businesses. They’re even burning down Christian homes. We need to stand up for our brothers and sisters — because right now Egypt’s Christians need our solidarity and support.

Please help Egypt’s Christians with a very generous donation today. Every dollar you give will provide the local churches of Egypt with critical resources necessary to:

  • Protect vulnerable children from danger
  • Rush emergency relief to homeless families and victims of violence
  • Witness to the Gospel of peace and reconciliation
  • Rebuild what Christians have lost.

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