Transform a life for Easter

(photo: CNS/Paul Haring)

If you’re like many of us, you’ve always looked forward to the simple joys that Easter Sunday brings.

I’m thinking of the wonderful hymns at morning Mass. The beautiful flowers that fill every church. The parishioners dressed in their Easter best. After a long winter, it’s enough to make you feel lighter. Brighter. It’s enough to make you feel transformed.

Transformation. That’s what happened to Jesus on the first Easter. His resurrection changed the lives of the faithful women at His tomb. And if you open your heart during this wonderful season? I promise it will also change you.

At Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA)
that’s what we do: we transform.

As I write this, CNEWA is expanding our efforts to assist the good sisters and priests who care for people who are suffering. In the Middle East and beyond — inside clinics, schools, orphanages and refugee centers — we’re turning despair into shining hope.

When you support CNEWA’s work, that’s what you’ll do, too. When you help us provide shelter for a refugee family, medical care for a disabled boy — or a simple meal for an elderly woman who’s all alone — you’ll literally transform their lives.

On Easter Sunday, you’ll have a fresh opportunity to open your life to the positive changes His love can bring.

It’s why I offer this warm invitation. Send your special intentions to me. I’ll include them in my prayers during Mass on Ascension Thursday. And together, we’ll honor our Lord who watches over you, over me, and over everyone in need.

As Pope Francis reminds us, scores of families and elderly are trapped by poverty and war. We can’t let them suffer alone.

In our Savior’s name, won’t you help us
share simple kindness with the needy?

When you send your special intentions to me, please include an Easter contribution to CNEWA if you can.

You’ll transform the lives of innocent people. And you’ll spread enough hope for everyone on this glorious day.

God bless you and have a joyful Easter Sunday,

Msgr. John E. Kozar, President
Catholic Near East Welfare Association


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