Help Middle East Christians

(photo: John E. Kozar)

Your brother and sister Christians are suffering. From Syria to Iraq and Egypt to Gaza, the faithful are desperate for a sign of hope. I pray you will be that sign.

You can share your hope with the suffering Christians of the Middle East through a generous gift to the Holy Father’s own special agency: CNEWA. You will help...

...resettle refugees. In some villages in Syria, there are no Christians anymore. Half the Christians of Iraq no longer live in their homeland. They need your emergency aid and long-term support.

...proclaim the Gospel. The only way Christians can have hope is if the Gospel accompanies them wherever they go. The Middle East has an abundance of young men who yearn to serve God and minister to their people. You can help them become priests.

...teach young people of all religions to live together with cooperation and respect. Catholic schools and universities welcome all, regardless of religion. The values they teach are vital — tolerance, compassion and working for the common good.

...make God’s love for humanity present on earth. Religious sisters give tender attention to the sick, to expectant mothers, to children shunned by their families because of physical or mental challenges. All are treated as God’s children. But sisters cannot perform works of mercy and acts of love without you.

Today, please give the gift of hope to your Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East. I pray you join me in Jesus’ name.

Msgr. John E. Kozar

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