An urgent plea from Pope Francis:
Help Syria’s Christians survive the cold

(photo: Bryan Denton/Corbis)

Civil war is still raging across Syria. With the terrorists of ISIS and other fanatical groups now adding to the chaos, unspeakable violence is devastating innocent lives.

Like their neighbors, thousands of Christian families have been bombed out of their homes. Children, parents and grandparents have fled. They’ve endured fear, hunger and thirst to reach temporary safety — which is increasingly hard to find.

At the urgent request of Pope Francis, CNEWA has joined a global emergency effort with the Pontifical Council for the Family. This winter, we aim to ensure Syria’s Christians get the help they need.

Thousands of Syria’s displaced families are now packed into overcrowded church buildings, tiny schools, crumbling houses and leaky tents. With the freezing temperatures of winter fast approaching, many might not survive until spring.

Our mission is to help the Catholic Church in Syria provide assistance for 6,000 families and others inside Syria. Our goal is to keep these families warm, and keep them alive.

But we must do it before the temperature falls and snow arrives. Before it’s too late. It’s why our Holy Father — and CNEWA — need all the support you can provide.

The world these families knew is gone forever. But through your kindness, you can help them stay warm until spring.

Please answer Pope Francis’ call to help Syria’s Christians. Join us as we help them survive the cold.

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