Be a voice for the special children of Bethlehem

(photo: Steve Sabella)

Carmel was born deaf. Because she can’t hear, she never learned to speak. Then, Carmel enrolled at the Paul VI Ephpheta Institute.

Imagine her mother’s surprise and delight the first time Carmel said, “Mama.”

Miracles like this one happen every day at the Ephpheta Institute, a special school in Bethlehem that opens the ears and mouths of deaf children by teaching them how to read lips and speak.

But Bethlehem is very poor, and very few families can afford the school’s modest tuition of $1,200 a year. Children like Carmel need the love and financial support of a friend like you.

You can rescue a deaf child from a life of silence and isolation by becoming a sponsor today.

Many blessings come with being a sponsor. You will get to know your child as you exchange letters and photos. Plus, the words that your child learns will be used to raise grateful prayers to God for you.

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