Heal Iraq’s Families

(photo: Carl Hétu)

Thousands of Iraqi families have found sanctuary in the Kurdish region of the north after fleeing the chaos of war. But poor living conditions mean that many now struggle with health issues — fevers, diarrhea, headaches and respiratory problems — in addition to the more serious illnesses that can afflict us all.

In the middle of the suffering, a brave priest and a community of sisters are working to turn the crisis around. Scores of families and elderly are receiving medical care thanks to the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena, as well as through Rev. Yousif Jamil Haddad, pastor of the Virgin Mary Syriac Catholic Church.

Between them, they’ve created three mobile clinics — mini-hospitals on wheels funded by CNEWA. Rev. Yousif’s mobile clinic serves 15,000 Christian, Muslim and Yazidi families in 22 villages. The two mobile clinics organized by the sisters provide care to even more.

Many of the families and elderly who use these mobile clinics are Christian, but the doctors and nurses treat everyone, regardless of faith. In war-torn Iraq, however, supplies and medications are expensive — often prohibitively so. Without more financial support, these clinics may soon have trouble helping anyone at all.

To keep these vital clinics running, Rev. Yousif and the sisters and need you.

Make a contribution to CNEWA, and you’ll provide care for young and old. At a time when so many families fear tomorrow, you’ll ensure these clinics remain beacons of health . . . and hope.

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