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(photo: John E. Kozar/CNEWA)

At the end of a dusty road in Lebanon, you’ll find an overcrowded village baking in the sun. All day long, tired refugee women and girls stand in line, waiting to fill their buckets with precious water.

And if you could watch them? You’d notice a quiet woman named Amira. A year ago, her town in Syria was destroyed. Her husband perished. She hid with her three children in the wreckage of their home, until neighbors helped them flee to Lebanon.

Now they live in a tiny, sweltering house with two other refugee families. There’s no electricity. No privacy. Nothing they can call their own. As the smoke from a nearby trash fire stings her eyes, Amira will tell you she’s never felt so alone.

In Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Iraq — and as far away as Ethiopia — you’ll find many traumatized people like this.

You’ll find women like Mehret from Eritrea, stranded in a refugee camp in Ethiopia with her two babies, with no hope of finding her way out.

The elderly are suffering, too, including Iraqi grandmothers like Nevine, robbed by ISIS as she and her disabled grandson fled. They now live in a storeroom miles away, certain the world doesn’t care that they even exist.

CNEWA is helping provide food, medicine, trauma counseling, education and other essentials to refugees like these. Working with local churches and religious sisters in the Middle East and Northeast Africa, we’re delivering the care they need.

Pope Francis has called on us to help “the migrants who are so often rejected, maltreated and discarded.” Please answer his call by giving to CNEWA if you can.

You’ll help care for these innocent refugees. And you’ll bring them the hope they’ve lived without for far too long.

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