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If you wake up early in the Middle East, Northeast Africa or India, you’ll see them. They’re walking across dusty fields. Moving along empty village streets.

They’re children who are poor, orphaned or displaced. They’re walking to school, one of many funded by CNEWA. Their daily trek can take hours, through winter cold and summer heat. But they never complain at all.

At school, these children learn to read and write. Many study math and science, too.

For a deprived or traumatized kid, however, school is more than a place to learn. It’s their sanctuary. A routine. For a few hours each day, they can forget their poverty and fear. They can leave hardship behind, and let their spirit heal.

But it’s a difficult time to be teaching children. War keeps raging. Poverty is growing. There are too few classrooms for too many traumatized children. And in many places, local governments and the United Nations provide no support at all.

If funds run dry for the small Catholic schools that nurture so many, scores of children will be set adrift. They’ll no longer receive an education. Even worse, they’ll sink back into despair. They’ll lose their chance of ever reaching a better future. Unless you pitch in today.

Before they walk to class tomorrow, please contribute if you can. Help us keep their school doors open. So that these children can heal and grow.

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