Give Needy Kids a Belated Christmas


In one of Armenia’s poorest regions, you’ll find children who are fatherless and often live on the street. For them, every day is a struggle. Few find much joy in life at all.

Fortunately, the Church is watching over these Armenian boys and girls, at a caring place called the Artashat Center. It’s helping them as best as it can.

None have ever experienced a true Christmas. But this year, Archbishop Raphael Francois Minassian is determined to give them one belatedly. He hopes that CNEWA — and kind donors like you — will help make it happen.

He wants to buy simple gifts — gloves, a warm sweater, a pair of shoes — for 300 forgotten kids. He hopes to purchase it all and celebrate with the children a bit later in the New Year.

Can you help show these girls and boys — who live from day to day — that you care? You’ll lift the spirits of these struggling kids, far more than we can ever know. So please give if you can.

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