Show them they’re not invisible


There’s a country so oppressive, just revealing its name could put children, parents and grandparents in harm’s way.

You’ll find this grim, totalitarian place in Northern Africa. It’s where malnourished boys are forced into endless military service. Drought has devastated cropland. Aid from the outside world is essentially banned.

How does CNEWA know about these innocent people? By providing funding through channels undetected by their country’s repressive rulers, we’re quietly supporting the work of heroic religious sisters and priests in this desperate place.

Right now, they’re caring for children with Downs Syndrome and autism. They’re providing food and clothes for orphans. Education for kids. New sisters and priests are being trained, so they can help others for years to come.

Can you help us offer the essentials these deeply oppressed people need? Every dollar you give will make a difference. Please show them that they matter after all.

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