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For more children than you can imagine, getting an education isn’t guaranteed.

If you could visit the poorest parts of Lebanon, Jordan, Ethiopia, India or Iraq, you’d see 10 year-olds working in fields and markets or begging on the street — all to help out at home.

Since their families struggle to feed them, school clothes, supplies, lunches and transportation are often beyond reach. While some kids manage to go to class a few times each month, many never go at all.

It’s why the dozens of schools funded by CNEWA are so important to some of the poorest children on earth. They’re safe havens where kids learn to read and write. They explore science and math. For girls especially, the impact can be life-changing.

But operational costs are rising. Many of these schools are old and overcrowded, even as more kids continue to arrive every year.

Can you help CNEWA provide new teachers, books, desks, school lunches and tuition assistance? There’s no better way to give even more kids a safe place to learn. Join us and let them know they’ll always find the school door open.

Please give today if you can.

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