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A New Dawn in Ethiopia Posted: Dec 17 2018 12:00AM

In October, CNEWA visited the New Dawn Catholic School in remote western Ethiopia, near the border with Sudan, where the Comboni Missionary Sisters are providing education and — almost literally — a new dawn for children of the Gumuz people.

Sister Nora Camacho, the head of the school, was proud to point out that after several challenging years, the number of students grew, adding, “the girls have decided to study and to come to school. A good number of parents are supporting them.”

There are currently 422 students, boys and girls, attending the first through fourth grades. CNEWA’s support includes helping to provide daily breakfast and lunch, medical checkups and school uniforms.

Sister Nora expressed tremendous gratitude to CNEWA’s donors, noting that because of this vital support, “children are more active during lessons, become less sick, and interest to attend school is improving year after year.”

As our regional director in Addis Ababa, Argaw Fantu, noted, “support for these girls offers them the gift of a brighter future — empowering educated Gumuz mothers, wives and professionals who in turn will help their own people in the future.”