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Waste Is Wealth
story and photographs by Peter Lemieux
(From ONE magazine July 2008)
A Catholic initiative to fight poverty and manage waste

Smiles You Can Count
by Marilyn Raschka and Armineh Johannes
(From CNEWA WORLD May – June 2002)
Thanks to a micro-loan credit program, small-business owners in northern Lebanon can think big.

Putting the Future in Their Hands
text by Diane Handal with photographs by Dalia Khamissy
(From ONE magazine September 2011)
A microcredit program improves lives in Lebanon

Weaving Economic Development Into a Bedouin Tradition
by Karen Lagerquist and James Richard
(From Catholic Near East July 1993)
A weaving project in the Negev jump-starts an ages-old tradition and provides desperately needed income to the area’s nomads.

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The Dreams of a Man Named Anis
Diane Handal writes of her travels to a town north of Beirut called Amchit, where she met a remarkable man who was one beneficiary of the microcredit program.

Candles and Loofas
CNEWA Chief Communications Officer Michael La Civita shares details from his ongoing trip to Lebanon, Armenia and Georgia.

Picture of the Day: Helping to Hoof It
In this 2007 image, 26-year-old Hanna Mouhamma, a beneficiary of CNEWA's microcredit program, walks with a young calf on his farm in northeastern Lebanon. (photo: Sarah Hunter)