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Teaming Up Against Hunger
prepared by CNEWA staff
(From CNEWA WORLD May – June 2001)
A report on last year’s famine in Eritrea and Ethiopia and CNEWA’s response.

Hunger and Hope In Eritrea
text and photographs by Chris Hellier
(From CNEWA WORLD July – August 2003)
Recurrent cycles of drought and famine may be slowly but steadily ending

Forgotten War, Forgotten People
by Thomas McHugh
(From Catholic Near East April 1991)
A 30-year war has resulted in death, famine, and desperation. Will it ever end?

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Ethiopia’s Food Problems
news from ONE Magazine (13 November 2008)
While much of Ethiopia has thus far enjoyed rain and good harvests, the nation’s lowland areas have been hit by a prolonged drought that has accelerated already skyrocketing food prices, reported CNEWA’s regional director for Ethiopia, Gerald Jones.

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Inside East Africa’s Drought
Deacon Greg Kandra relates information received from Gerald Jones, CNEWA's regional director of Ethiopia, on droughts in the Horn of Africa.

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Picture of the Day: Care in Lean Times
A mother and her malnourished child visit the clinic run by the Daughters of St. Anne in Idaga Hamus, Ethiopia. (photo: Petterik Wiggers/Panos Pictures)

Picture of the Day: People of Afar
An Afar family sits at home in northern Ethiopia. In the Afar region, the drought has been deadly to livestock, a critical source of income and sustenance for residents. (photo: Petterik Wiggers)

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