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Libyan Bishop Criticizes NATO Strikes
Catholic News Service (9 June 2011)
The top church official in Libya expressed fear that the protracted conflict there would generate fighting among factions and tribes, but said he believed a negotiated solution was still possible, the Vatican’s missionary news agency reported.

Pope Calls for Peace in North Africa, Middle East
Catholic News Service (27 June 2011)
Pope Benedict XVI called for emergency assistance to thousands of people fleeing the violence and civil strife in North Africa and the Middle East, and he appealed to nations to explore “every possible form of mediation” to bring an end to the conflicts.

Nuns Choose to Stay in Libya
Catholic News Service (29 June 2011)
BENGHAZI, Libya (CNS) — A Catholic nun working in rebel-held eastern Libya says she and other sisters have remained because of their commitment to the people they serve.

Libyan Children Wounded in War
Catholic News Service (30 June 2011)
MISRATA, Libya (CNS) — Fifteen-year-old Mohammed Majeed had grown so accustomed to the war raging around him that he lost his fear of the ordnance scattered on the ground in his neighborhood. One day in April, he found a rifle grenade just outside his front door and carried the projectile inside. The next day, as he played with it, it exploded in his hand.

Europe No Longer Catholic Church’s ‘Center’
Catholic News Service (11 April 2013)
OXFORD, England (CNS) — The election of Pope Francis, an Argentine, to lead the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics confirms what observers have long known: Vast demographic shifts in the Catholic population are reconfiguring the face of the church and shifting the institution’s center from its historic European heartland.

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