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by John L. Esposito
(From ONE magazine July 2011)
Is Islam Compatible With Democracy?

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Help Syria, Pope Says; “Where There Is Suffering, Christ Is Present”
Catholic News Service (24 January 2013)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Retired Cardinal Jozef Glemp of Warsaw, who served as primate of the Catholic Church in Poland during the final years of communism and during the restoration of democracy, died on 23 January at the age of 83.

Egypt’s Catholic Leaders Welcome Morsi’s Ouster
Catholic News Service (5 July 2013)
OXFORD, England (CNS) — Egypt’s Catholic leaders welcomed the military overthrow of the country’s Islamist president and voiced confidence that Christians and Muslims can work together to build a “real democracy.”

Catholic Principal Election Email Triggers Backlash in India
Catholic News Service (28 April 2014)
BANGALORE, India (CNS) — An election email from the principal of St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai set off a national political storm and triggered a fresh debate on the development model India needs.

Iraqis in Jordan Go to the Polls, Hoping for Stability at Home
Catholic News Service (29 April 2014)
AMMAN, Jordan (CNS) — A steady stream of Iraqi refugees, smiling and displaying purple index fingers, emerged from a polling station in the Hashemi Shamali district, where the majority of these urban refugees live in the Jordanian capital.

Bishops Say Despite Violence, Ukraine’s Election Must Proceed
Catholic News Service (9 May 2014)
LVIV, Ukraine (CNS) — Ukrainian Catholic bishops said their country’s 25 May presidential election must proceed, despite any efforts to derail it.

Ukrainian Catholic Bishop: Election Was ‘Fruit of the Revolution’
Catholic News Service (27 May 2014)
OXFORD, England (CNS) — The Ukrainian Catholic Church has welcomed the victory of a billionaire candy tycoon in presidential election and praised the previous interim government for holding the country together in “dramatic circumstances.”

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Prayer and Peace in the Land of Egypt
As the new Egyptian election results unfold, thousands of Coptic Christians of all stripes gather to pray in a striking display of ecumenism and shared Christian identity.

Russian Orthodox Church Calls for Election Reform
From Moscow comes word that there is a new voice calling for changes in the Russian electoral system — and it's coming from the pulpit.

Msgr. Stern on the Arab Spring
CNEWA's president emeritus, Msgr. Robert L. Stern, gave a speech on the 2011 series of democratic revolutions known colloquially as the Arab Spring.

Christian Leaders in Egypt Voice Hope
Last weekend's historic election in Egypt has prompted cautiously optimistic reactions from Christian leaders in the country.

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In Egypt, “Democracy Alone Cannot Be the Answer”
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