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A Wounded Land
text and photographs by Peter Lemieux
(From ONE magazine January 2011)
As Kerala’s agriculture collapses, some farmers turn to organic methods

Big Dreams, Tough Reality
story and photographs by Peter Lemieux
(From ONE magazine March 2010)
Ethiopia’s university students confront a fast-changing society

Olive Offerings
by Hanne Foighel with photographs by Ahikam Seri
(From ONE magazine January 2009)
How the olive sustains Palestinian society

Armenian Winter
by Gayane Abrahamyan with photographs by Justyna Mielnikiewicz
(From ONE magazine March 2009)
One lifeline sustains Armenia’s remote and forlorn north

Hope and Renewal in Suez
by Liam Stack with photographs by Sean Sprague
(From ONE magazine November 2009)
Prospering, the Coptic Orthodox of Port Said are beating the odds

A Delayed Homecoming
text by Caroline Faraj
photographs by Christian Molidor, R.S.M.
(From CNEWA WORLD November – December 2001)
To displaced Palestinians living in Jordan’s refugee camps, Palestine is still home.

A Helping Hand for a War-torn Nation
by Father Witold Szulczynski, S.V.D.
photographs: Caritas Georgia
(From Catholic Near East May – June 2000)
Caritas Georgia comes to the rescue of the exhausted people of the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

Putting the Future in Their Hands
text by Diane Handal with photographs by Dalia Khamissy
(From ONE magazine September 2011)
A microcredit program improves lives in Lebanon

Alleviating the Housing Woes of Jerusalem’s Christians
text by George Martin
photographs by Miriam Sushman
(From Catholic Near East July – August 1998)
CNEWA is making a world of difference for poor Christians living in the Old City.

Life in a Coptic Catholic Village
text by Jessica Jones
photographs by Mohammed El-Dakhakhny
(From Catholic Near East January – February 1997)
A priest’s weekly visits to a remote Egyptian village provide support and hope.

Despair in the Russian Village
text and photographs by Sean Sprague
(From Catholic Near East March – April 1997)
A visit to the village of Vazhini and encounters with some of its despondent residents.

Armenia’s Golden Opportunity
text and photographs by Armineh Johannes
(From Catholic Near East November – December 1997)
The Armenian Apostolic Church has become a necessary force in preserving the identity of Armenia.

Securing the Agreement
by Brother Donald Mansir, F.S.C.
(From Catholic Near East January – February 1994)
What is the role of our Pontifical Mission in a new Middle East?

Weaving Economic Development Into a Bedouin Tradition
by Karen Lagerquist and James Richard
(From Catholic Near East July 1993)
A weaving project in the Negev jump-starts an ages-old tradition and provides desperately needed income to the area’s nomads.

Brewed to Perfection
text and photographs by Peter Lemieux
(From ONE magazine November 2011)
An age-old passion proves to be big business for Ethiopia’s economy

New Challenges in Eastern Europe
by Michael J.L. La Civita
(From Catholic Near East July 1990)
Although freedom has come – finally – to Eastern Europe, that freedom brings new challenges to Christians.

Made in Bethlehem
by Joseph Cornelius Donnelly
photos: CNEWA files
(From Catholic Near East September 1990)
Miles of olive groves and the hands of dedicated workers result in a valuable handicraft for the Holy Land.

The Gift of Grace
text and photos by Lucinda Kidd
(From Catholic Near East Winter 1988)
The House of Grace in Haifa is rebuilding a broken Palestinian community.

Messenger of Peace for Lebanon
by Michael Healy
(From Catholic Near East Winter 1988)
Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir is asking for help to end the violence in Lebanon.

Fisher-Children of the Nile
text and photos by Lucinda Kidd
(From Catholic Near East Winter 1987)
An Egyptian family creates its own warmth on a winter day as its members work and play.

Lefkaritika: Delicate Lace of Cyprus
text and photos by Gerald Ring
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Spring 1987)
A traditional handicraft revives the community spirit of a small village in Cyprus.

A Loan…At Last!
by Catherine Coyne
photos: CNEWA-PMP, Jerusalem
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Winter 1980)
With some help from CNEWA, small business owners in the Holy Land are able to help themselves – and their businesses – prosper.

Staying Connected
text and photographs by Peter Lemieux
(From ONE magazine September 2004)
Keralites keep their traditions alive in New Delhi

from News

Pope Urges Prayers, Action on Behalf of Migrants, Unemployed, Poor
Catholic News Service (20 April 2015)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — The poor, migrants in search of a better life and the unemployed want what all human beings want: life, dignity and a chance to earn a decent living, Pope Francis said in several speeches urging compassion and assistance by both governments and individuals.

Jordan Faces Shortfall in Aid to Support 1.4 Million Syrian Refugees
Catholic News Service (6 May 2015)
AMMAN, Jordan (CNS) — International aid continues to fall short of what Jordan needs to host 1.4 million Syrian refugees, Jordanian officials reported, saying the number represents the equivalent of the United States hosting 60 million refugees.

Priest Says Situation in Gaza Continues to Deteriorate
Catholic News Service (17 July 2015)
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (CNS) — One year after a war with Israel that turned daily life here into a nightmare, a Catholic priest in Gaza said the situation in this besieged Palestinian territory has deteriorated even further.

A Year After War, Gazans Persist at Rebuilding — With Help of Aid Groups
Catholic News Service (17 July 2015)
KHAN YOUNIS, Gaza Strip (CNS) — Fawzi Abu Jame’a had finally finished building his family’s dream home just eight months before the beginning of the war between Israel and Hamas, the Islamic party that governs Gaza. Unable to work because of diabetes, Jame’a had borrowed money from friends to buy the last materials he needed, but he believed it was worth it. His two children could play inside without being seen by Israeli soldiers watching from the border less than a mile away.

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Picture of the Day: Embracing Change
In this unpublished photo from the story, A Wounded Land, a boy plays in the rice paddy field by Kuttanadu, Kerala. (photo: Peter Lemieux)

Grandmothers Sang and Rebuilt Their Church
The Russian village of Buranovo is getting paved roads, a water pipeline and even the internet thanks to the efforts of its thanks to the babushka, or grandmothers.

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Stories of interest for 8/2/12

Page One: Headlines for 10/2/12
Stories of interest for the day.

Picture of the Day: A Priest With Global Reach
Despite his busy schedule, Father Jose is always available to his parishioners. (photo: Sean Sprague)

Page One: Headlines for 1/9/13
Stories of interest for the day.

Picture of the Day: Egypt’s Grief
Copts mourn after identifying a victim of sectarian and political violence. (photo: David Degner)

Picture of the Day: No Place Like Home
Mary Mathai and her son inspect their new home as it nears completion. (photo: Sean Sprague)

Picture of the Day: Minding Peas and Queues
The Rev. Manolis Nirakis of St. Ayia Zoni Greek Orthodox Church in Athens overlooks the activity at the church's soup kitchen. (photo: Don Duncan)

In Greece, “The General Mood is Sadness and Fatigue”
Don Duncan reports on the economic crisis in Greece in the Winter issue of ONE. Here, he gives additional insight into the country and its struggles.

A Family of Their Own
Five days a week, 40 senior citizens come to the Harmony Center to eat, browse and socialize in warmth and safety. (photo: Molly Corso)

Picture of the Day: Learning in Lebanon
Syrian refugee children take a reading class in Dbayeh, Lebanon. (photo: Tamara Abdul Hadi)

Picture of the Day: The Remote North
Kima Atoian lives with her children and six grandchildren in Armenia’s northernmost town of Ashotzk, where poverty and unemployment are prevalent. (photo: Justyna Mielnikiewicz)

Picture of the Day: Aid in Athens
Nikos Voutsinos, a worker with Caritas, distributes food at a soup kitchen in Athens, Greece. (photo: Don Duncan)

A Visit to Gaza: ‘Life Must Go On’
Sami El-Yousef discusses his recent visit to Gaza.

CNEWA Connections:
‘Every Worker is the Hand of Christ’

The Rev. Elias Mallon reflects on May Day, known in the Catholic liturgical calendar as the feast of St. Joseph the Worker.