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Big Dreams, Tough Reality
story and photographs by Peter Lemieux
(From ONE magazine March 2010)
Ethiopia’s university students confront a fast-changing society

Lebanon’s Urban Youth
by Spencer Osberg
(From ONE magazine July 2010)
Challenging the status quo

Building Persons, Forming Good Citizens
by Liam Stack with photographs by Shawn Baldwin
(From ONE magazine January 2009)
Catholic vocational schools prepare Egyptian youth for the future

A Light of Hope for Lebanon’s Addicts
by Marilyn Raschka with photographs by Sarah Hunter
(From ONE magazine September 2009)
A drug rehabilitation center offers its residents a new lease on life

A Priest With Global Reach
by Jomi Thomas and Sean Sprague
(From ONE magazine May 2008)
A pastor in southern India tackles unemployment and poverty

Education as Transformation
text and photographs by Sean Sprague
(From CNEWA WORLD November – December 2002)
Indian college students learn justice and compassion.

So Close, Yet So Far
text and photographs by Armineh Johannes
(From CNEWA WORLD July – August 2001)
The ruins of Armenia’s ancient capital of Ani are a stone’s throw from Ani Pemza village. Prosperity, however, is a long way off.

Good Shepherdesses in Addis Ababa
text by Sister Mary James Clines, R.G.S.
photographs by Asrat Habte Mariam
(From Catholic Near East September – October 1999)
These dedicated sisters heal the sick, comfort the poor and educate the destitute in Ethiopia’s capital city.

Putting the Future in Their Hands
text by Diane Handal with photographs by Dalia Khamissy
(From ONE magazine September 2011)
A microcredit program improves lives in Lebanon

Weaving Economic Development Into a Bedouin Tradition
by Karen Lagerquist and James Richard
(From Catholic Near East July 1993)
A weaving project in the Negev jump-starts an ages-old tradition and provides desperately needed income to the area’s nomads.

This Way to the Ark
text and photos by Marilyn Raschka
(From Catholic Near East October 1992)
CNEWA’s Beirut office generously supports programs for Lebanon’s mentally and physically handicapped.

Far From Home
by Nicholas Seeley
(From ONE magazine November 2011)
Filipino migrant workers make untold sacrifices for their families

Hope Kindled in Bethany
by Thomas McHugh
(From Catholic Near East April 1990)
A L’Arche community in the West Bank offers a haven for the area’s mentally challenged.

Made in Bethlehem
by Joseph Cornelius Donnelly
photos: CNEWA files
(From Catholic Near East September 1990)
Miles of olive groves and the hands of dedicated workers result in a valuable handicraft for the Holy Land.

Called to Do the Truth
by Thomas Riley
photos by Joan Tedeschi
(From Catholic Near East Winter 1988)
Emmaus house in Harlem is Eastern Christianity at work in the West.

A Loan…At Last!
by Catherine Coyne
photos: CNEWA-PMP, Jerusalem
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Winter 1980)
With some help from CNEWA, small business owners in the Holy Land are able to help themselves – and their businesses – prosper.

Rising From the Ashes
text by Ben Cramer
photographs by Peter Lemieux
(From CNEWA WORLD September – October 2003)
Job creation program is helping to ease unemployment crisis for Palestinians

Staying Connected
text and photographs by Peter Lemieux
(From ONE magazine September 2004)
Keralites keep their traditions alive in New Delhi

The High Stakes of Leaving
text and photographs by Peter Lemieux
(From ONE May 2012)
Ethiopian migrants risk their lives for a better one in the Middle East

Salesian Technical School
by Virginia Rohan
photos: P.W.P.D.
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Fall 1978)
A special school in Jordan offers an education and hope for future employment to young men.

Workers of the Near East
by Ronnie Treanor
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Fall 1978)
Traditional workers of the land teach and learn alongside the newer generations as technology and modern culture enter Middle Eastern society.

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Picture of the Day: Making a Better Life in Kerala
Mr. and Mrs. Mathew prepare dinner while Jiya plays with her grandmother. (photo: Peter Lemieux)

Picture of the Day: Sparking Crafts, Honing Lives
Students at the Don Bosco Institute attend a welding class in the Rod el Farag neighborhood of Cairo, Egypt, 12 November 2008.

Picture of the Day: Homegrown Opportunity
In this image taken in December 2008, a worker prepares grapevines at the La Salle Center near Meki, Ethiopia. (photo: Peter Lemieux)

Picture of the Day: Awakening the Senses in Cochin
Workers at a spice factory in Cochin clean cloves before processing. Cochin is the hub of Kerala's spice trade. (photo: Peter Lemieux)

Picture of the Day: A Lifeline to Armenia
Nikolay Vakulin and Melkonian Haykaz exercise in the yard of the shelter for elders run by Caritas Austria. (photo: Justyna Mielnikiewicz)

Candles and Loofas
CNEWA Chief Communications Officer Michael La Civita shares details from his ongoing trip to Lebanon, Armenia and Georgia.

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‘Every Worker is the Hand of Christ’

The Rev. Elias Mallon reflects on May Day, known in the Catholic liturgical calendar as the feast of St. Joseph the Worker.

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