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To Be a Priest
by Jacqueline Ruyak with photographs by Tivadar Domaniczky
(From ONE magazine March 2007)
What brings young Hungarians to a life of service?

Holding on in Hungary
by Jacqueline Ruyak
photographs by Balazs Gardi
(From ONE magazine May 2006)
Greek Catholics preserve their traditions in the modern world

Who are Hungary’s Greek Catholics?
(From ONE magazine May 2006)

A Sister’s Act
by Jacqueline Ruyak
(From ONE magazine July 2007)
Led by a retired nun, Hungary’s Basilians rebuild

Hungary’s Greek Catholics
text by Dr. Janka György
photographs by Miklós Erdös
(From Catholic Near East September – October 2000)
The history of the Greek Catholic Church in Hungary is a history of survival – sometimes against great odds.

Our Town
by Jacqueline Ruyak with photographs by Balazs Gardi/VII Network
(From ONE magazine March 2008)
Roma leadership in a Hungarian Greek Catholic parish

by Michael J.L. La Civita
(From ONE magazine July 2009)
The Hungarian Greek Catholic Church

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Picture of the Day: Cold and Hungary
An elderly woman braves the harsh winter in Nyírascád, a village of 4,400. (photo: Balasz Gardi)

Picture of the Day: Light at the End of the Tunnel
A seminarian walks down the corridor of the St. Athanasius Greek Catholic Theological Institute, in Hajdudorog, Hungary. (photo: Tivadar Domaniczky)

Picture of the Day: Instruments of Faith
Greek Catholic seminarians in Hungary find some free time for socializing. (photo: Tivadar Domaniczky)

Picture of the Day: A Stroll in the Fresh Air
Residents of the St. Ann Nursing Home in northeastern Hungary, which opened its doors in 1997, go for a walk together. (photo: Tivadar Domaniczky)

Picture of the Day: Dawn’s Early Light
Greek Catholic Basilian Sister Imre Ágota begins the day behind her desk, planning. (photo: Tivadar Domaniczky)